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Anne-Marie’s story: supporting disability in the workplace

Watch Anne-Marie tell us of the support she has received whilst working at HMRC.
Colleagues working in individual quiet-space pods

Recruiting disabled candidates is important to us and we recognise that our disabled colleagues have a lot to offer. 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability, so to be true to society and to be an inclusive employer, we want our staff to reflect the people that we serve.

Human Resources

What reasonable adjustments can we offer?

We want to make sure no one is put at a disadvantage during our recruitment process because of a disability, condition or impairment. To assist you with this, we will reduce or remove any barriers where possible and provide additional support where appropriate.

Please see our Disability Matters: How we can support you during our selection process booklet for more details.

A photo of Eve, sitting In a large arm Chair in the office.

Support through the application process

If you need a change to be made so that you can make your application, you should contact the Government Recruitment Service at as soon as possible before the closing date on the advert to discuss your needs.

You can also complete the “Assistance required” section on the “Additional requirements” page of your application form to tell us what changes or help you might need further on in the recruitment process.

For instance, you may need wheelchair access at interview, or if you’re deaf, a Language Service Professional. If you let us know we can be sure to support you with the assistance you require.

Our networks

We want everyone to feel valued, supported and comfortable being their true self at work. We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer, that’s why we have several staff diversity networks which cover race, disability, LGBTQ+, gender and carers. Take a look at our culture and values for more information.

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