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A guide to
Civil Service
Job Sharing

The Civil Service is an equal opportunities employer that positively promotes all forms of flexible working, including job sharing.

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What is job sharing?

See how job sharing can be a great way to help balance your work with your home life, and can even help your career progression.

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What are the benefits of job sharing?

Explore the many benefits of job sharing for individuals, teams and for the Civil Service as a whole.

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How can I make job sharing a success?

Job sharing can be very rewarding but requires flexibility, trust and good teamwork. Current job sharers give great advice on what has worked for them.

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How are job sharing roles advertised?

Job share roles are advertised, sifted, and interviewed for in a similar way to other jobs but there are some key differences.

“We have been job-sharing together for 12 years and were incredibly proud to be the first Director General-level job-share in the Civil Service. We believe, and hope we have shown, that nearly any role can be done as a job-share.”

Ruth Hannant and Polly Payne
Director Generals at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

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How does job sharing differ from part-time work?

Part-time jobs can be accomplished fully within the working hours, by just one person. Job sharing is two people working collaboratively to fulfil the aims and objectives of one full-time role.