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Employee Experience
and People Performance

Employee Experience & People Performance has a key role in promoting an engaged workforce and culture of performance excellence.

The team is focused on calibrating the connection between Policy, Process, People, and Practice; helping government to deliver exacting standards in Performance, to meet agreed Priorities.

“Employee Experience is an essential lever to drive innovation, productivity, utilisation and overall performance. It’s an integral part of our approach to deliver effectively for our people, our government and our citizens. I am immensely proud of the Practice’s work to support Civil Service-wide delivery against agreed government priorities.”

Jason Ghaboos

Deputy Director, Civil Service Employee Experience & People Performance

Inclusive Practice

Inclusive Practice seeks to harness the performance benefits that diversity and an inclusive approach can offer by creating a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, their talents are fully utilised, and organisational priorities are delivered.

Organisation Development Practice

Organisational Development Practice takes a systemic approach to establishing structural, cultural, and strategic alignment across the Government People Group. This is key to facilitating organisational success and enabling sustained performance through the involvement of our people.

Enhanced Employee Experience will better equip the Civil Service to deliver its priorities and support reform; through increased innovation, creativity, utilisation and productivity driven by improved People Performance.

Employee Experience and People Performance is involved in many key Civil Service programmes, including the Civil Service People Plan, a clear strategic outline of key People Priorities, tackling our most significant and pressing issues across government.

This plan forms the spine upon which much of GPG’s work is built. 

This sits alongside important cross-Civil Service analysis. These include reviews on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Civil Service Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination.

We bring in scientific tools and expertise to improve organisational readiness, finding areas in need of intervention and determining the best actions to take.

This careful approach to the way we develop the Civil Service allows us to structure and develop the way we work and the experience of our civil servants, allowing us to share expertise and work together in the best evidence-based way.

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Line Management Capability

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