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Functional Strategy, Performance and Capability

FSPC is responsible for building and assuring a high-performing HR Operating Model and People Function for the Civil Service.

FSPC delivers for the Civil Service workforce through people strategies, including delivering the People Plan and its priorities, improving our workforce planning capabilities, and putting evidence-based decision making and good governance at the centre of the People Function.

It is responsible for continuous improvement and assurance of the People Function, including support for the Government’s Shared Services Strategy and setting and maintaining functional standards.

“Functional Strategy, Performance, and Capability is here to provide strategic leadership, insight and challenge to deliver the Government Chief People Officers’ objectives for Government People Group, the People Function and the Civil Service workforce.”

Henry Watson

Director, Functional Strategy, Performance, and Capability

Workforce Strategy, Data and Planning

Workforce Strategy, Data and Planning is here to strengthen links between people strategy, data and workforce planning. The team leads on the Civil Service People Plan, Modernisation and Reform and Governance, as well as delivering the Civil Service People Data and Analytics Strategy, and driving improvements in Strategic Workforce Planning through capability building and directly partnering departments.

A woman with an assistance dog, and a prosthetic leg, sitting at a table working.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is here to support Government People Group to be a high performing and delivery-focused business unit and centre of the function.

Delivering internal services to ensure the business unit is well-governed, compliant, and enabled to deliver its committed outcomes efficiently.

Services provided include: Financial Management, Business Management, PMO and Portfolio, Communications and engagement, internal Business Unit Policy and leadership of Private Office Teams.

Functional Strategy, Capability and Talent

Functional Strategy, Capability and Talent supports a high performing People Function across government by providing leadership, insight and challenge.

  • Setting up and assurance of HR functional & data standards; measuring impact, performance, productivity and effectiveness of the HR function.
  • Functional Strategy: To improve the HR Functional Model within the Civil Service. Setting and progressing strategic direction for how HR is organised to deliver effectively and efficiently within the Civil Service.
  • HR Capability: To deliver continuous improvements in HR Professional Capability and Talent. Ensuring that we build and maintain the HR professional skills needed to provide effective strategic support and operational services across the Civil Service, including reviewing what is required to deliver the future HR Operating model.

Impact of FSPC

  • Through the People Plan, FSPC ensures a Civil Service that is fit for current and future challenges; providing high quality advice to the Government, outstanding services to the public and safeguarding the UK’s prosperity and security at home and overseas.
  • Strong links between strategy, people data and workforce planning to understand our workforce and inform effective decision-making.
  • Delivering an efficient, enabling corporate services function to manage a complex financial model, overseeing five of the 12 Cabinet Office Government Major Projects Portfolio Programmes, and supporting one of the largest Business Units in Cabinet Office. 
  • Setting up the functional and data standards for the HR function in government to drive data and functional maturity, consistency and continuous improvement.
Three (3) colleagues with less-visible disabilities chatting across a desk.

Through the People Plan, FSPC ensures a Civil Service that is fit for current and future challenges.

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