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Security and Data
Careers at DWP

Security and Data Protection plays a critical role in enabling DWP to provide public services to some of the most vulnerable in society.  It is vital the security and integrity of our systems, data, assets and colleagues are managed securely.

Security and Data Protection at DWP

DWP delivers critical services to millions of people including some of the most vulnerable in society. Our published annual report and accounts show how over £200bn of public funds move through our department each year. Our security and data protection teams are at the centre of our organisation. We’re looking for talented people who can put security at the heart of decision making, deliver value for money and strengthen public trust.

Security and Data Protection roles in DWP 

Our security and data protection function offers a wide range of roles. We partner the business, providing high-quality security and data protection. We look after the security of payment systems and personal data of our millions of customers. We deliver the latest and most secure tools and systems to make the best of new technologies.

A career path to suit you

We offer all our colleagues a clear career pathway so they can achieve their goals and ambitions. Our security apprenticeships can be taken at various levels leading to full qualifications. Our coaching and mentoring network offers support throughout your career journey. We value our people and want them to thrive at work. Hybrid working, part-time working and job shares are all part of our flexible and inclusive working environment.

Apply Now

DWP is looking for talented people who are interested in building a career in security and data protection.

Security and Data Protection roles in DWP are part of the Government Security Profession.   A career with DWP will open up networks and collaboration opportunities across the Civil Service finance community.

“I lead several security functions in DWP and love working with an extremely talented and diverse team, from deep technical experts to behavioural specialists. Whilst the work is complex and challenging, it’s also rewarding to know that we’re helping to protect our people, customers, and critical public services.”

Steve Hersee

Head of Security Policy and Central Services


We work across nine hub locations but also have colleagues located across the DWP estate from Dundee to Penzance!  Our hubs are in:

  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff
  • Newcastle
  • Glasgow
  • Blackpool

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