Keeping the nation and our people safe

New technologies and methods for delivering public services have brought incredible gains in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, but they also bring new vulnerabilities. No longer the stuff of spy thrillers, cyber attacks are a now daily reality.

In the public sector we face a range of challenges: organised crime, hacktivists, terrorists, foreign intelligence services and rogue individuals (both internal and external). These attacks cause economic damage, erode public trust in online services and do real harm to our citizens, their property and their privacy.

Three Security Profession Team Members
Two Security Profession Team Members

The government holds huge quantities of sensitive data and money, enabling it to provide services relied on by millions of citizens and thousands of businesses up and down the country. The confidentiality and integrity of our systems is critical to the delivery of secure and reliable public services.

Within the Civil Service, the Government Security Profession supports security by ensuring we have the best people, with the right skills in the right jobs. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain skilled and motivated staff who are capable of dealing with the increasing security threats in an ever-changing landscape.

Steve Hersee’s story

I’m Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at DWP in an innovative team working to protect around £185 billion of welfare payments and a huge volume of data. One of the unique attractions of civil service cyber-security is the range of roles. The NHS, education and welfare systems, armed forces and our critical national infrastructure rely on computer systems defended by cyber security specialists.

We’re not looking for a particular stereotype, we want diverse, talented individuals; cryptographers and mathematicians to protect our communications and social scientists to understand the human role in cyber security, policy advisers to shape strategy, communications experts to drive cyber secure behaviour. Above all we need future leaders with drive and determination to tackle the country’s most demanding security challenges.

Steve Security Profession

You could be an incident manager at the National Cyber Security Centre, protecting the country against hostile state actors or you could be a policy advisor at the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) ensuring we have the right cyber skills and talent to face future threats.

Steve Hersee Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at DWP

Secure in skills, secure in practice

Security is a crucial consideration in all aspects of government work. This means that as a security professional you will have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from a variety of different departments, professions and agencies. In fact, there are around 5,000 security professionals working in over 40 different departments and agencies across government.

Our professionals specialise in a number of security disciplines, including: personnel security, physical security, cyber security, and business continuity. We want to ensure that we have the most knowledgeable people working within our profession and therefore we continue to support you in building your expertise throughout your career with us. The profession is developing a framework of security roles to showcase the options for building a career within government security. It assists security professionals in identifying their learning needs and provides a structured approach to learning and development.

We are:

  • business continuity managers
  • crypto-custodians
  • cyber operations staff
  • physical security designers
  • physical security risk advisers
  • security architects
  • vetting officers
Security Profession Framework Session 540 X 405

Cyber Degree Apprenticeships

GSP is pleased to announce our new Cyber Degree Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship lasts four years and combines on-the-job training with structured learning. On completion, you will achieve a degree in cyber security. We will be open for applications in February 2021. To register your interest email us at

Cyber Apprenticeships

Cyber Apprenticeships

Applications for the Level 4 Cyber Apprenticeship scheme have now closed for 2020. We will be open again April 2021.

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Government security vacancies

We recruit security professionals for about 40 different government departments across the country. All vacancies advertised externally can be found on the Civil Service Jobs website and new vacancies are added daily. Please search on "Security".