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Life in the Civil Service
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and learning

There are a range of events and learning opportunities across Government Digital and Data.

See which ones might suit you.

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Digital Excellence Programme

This suite of three courses for senior leaders is designed to build digital, data and technology capability outside the profession. These easy to follow courses are focused on building a digital and user-centred culture, making data driven decisions and understanding the latest technology concepts.

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Innovation Masterclass

Being innovative is a skill that the modern Civil Service requires from its senior leaders. The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) offers this short online course at no cost to be either studied online at your own pace or in small groups on a day of your choice.

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Debiasing Decision-making in Government

Learn how to use behavioural insights to counter cognitive biases and make better calibrated decisions. Policy to delivery: a face to face course on multidisciplinary working, focusing on citizen-centred design thinking.

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Managing Government Digital and Data projects

Covers the fundamental principles and methods of agile project management.

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Emerging Talent Events

We will add dates of upcoming events here, in the meanwhile you can find out more about the Government Digital and Data new talent programmes.

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Government Digital and Data Events

Civil Servants have access to a range of events including fireside chats, masterclasses and more formal training programmes.

Digital People blog

Visit the Digital People blog to hear directly from professionals working in the Government Digital and Data roles.

Working in Government Digital and Data

The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) leads the Government Digital and Data function for government. Find out more about the amazing work going on in the digital, data and technology profession in government.

Government Digital and Data – Meet Craig Matthews

Meet Craig Matthews, a talented Front-End Developer at Government Digital and Data. Craig shares his experience working on cutting-edge projects that make a real impact on people’s lives.

Government Digital and Data hub

Working in Government Digital and Data

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