Building the government of tomorrow

The UK government is recognised as a global leader in digital transformation. Government Digital and Data experts design, build and manage essential services that impact millions of peoples lives daily.

With an unprecedented number of digital transformation projects underway, the potential to help solve complex problems and shape our society's future is enormous.

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What we offer:

  • An opportunity to be a key player in digital transformation, working on innovative meaningful projects and driving innovation that shape public services that improve lives
  • We’re on the cutting edge of digital transformation and innovation, you will be part of a multidisciplinary, focussed and autonomous agile delivery team
  • A vibrant community that encourages collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and curiosity
  • The chance to work at the very centre of government on flagship programmes, setting you as a Government Digital and Data leader and a part of our talented community
  • A comprehensive learning and development programme where you can develop skills and capabilities to drive innovation and excellence
  • Recognition of success through pay rewards and more
  • A cross government network where you can connect to share best practice, discuss challenges and support each other through.the support of cross-government communities of practice
  • Support for mental health and wellbeing so you can perform at your best
  • Flexible working, diverse teams and an inclusive workplace

Working for Government Digital and Data:

  • Government Digital and Data offers exciting opportunities for passionate and skilled professionals to make a real difference. Joining our vibrant community means being part of a transformative journey that drives innovation, fosters curiosity, and creates positive change in government services.
  • As a technology professional, data analyst, software developer, or digital strategist, you will play a crucial role in our united effort to achieve extraordinary outcomes that directly impact public lives. Embrace the unique chance to work collaboratively across various industries, sharing best practices, and inspiring innovation.

Join a community

As a Government Digital and Data specialist you will be working at the cutting edge of how people interact, and are empowered by government.

You will work in collaborative multidisciplinary teams on a range of projects and services that focus on user needs and deliver real value to society. You will be part of a cross-government profession that is grouped into six specialisms with clearly defined career paths, support, and learning and development.

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It’s not just about completing a product, a process transformation or project, it’s about driving the country and the public services that enable it to evolve, and digitally transform.

Morgan LongSenior Product Manager and Talent Lead at Ministry of Defence

Routes into the profession

The Government Digital and Data profession has technical specialists of all levels and backgrounds. They share a commitment to put users first and deliver world-leading government products and services. Job roles within the profession range from trainee to Senior Civil Servants who lead on the very future of government itself.


Government Digital and Data Roles:

  • Data science
  • IT operations management and engineering
  • Product and delivery management
  • QAT analysis and testing
  • Technical development
  • User centred design

Creating the government's accessibility empathy lab

Accessibility should be part of everything we produce which is why GDS created an accessibility empathy lab that’s open to any government or public sector employee.

Government Digital, Data & Technology Profession - Digital Job Vacancies

Review our latest recruitment campaigns to find opportunities to become part of our cross government community. You can also sign up for new vacancies alerts tailored to your skills and experience in the Civil Service Jobs portal (note - you will need to create an account in the Civil Service Jobs portal to sign up for job alerts).

Meet the people who work in digital, data and technology

Government is putting digital at the heart of public services - and that presents some of the most exciting opportunities around for digital, data and technology professionals. It's all about the people - visit the Digital People blog.