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Read how our Policy Profession operates throughout HMRC.

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Policy Profession

Policy professionals in HMRC work in partnership with other HMRC teams and the Treasury to develop new tax policies. These policies help deliver government priorities, maintain the tax system and customs regime. They also make sure our legislation continues to achieve its intended outcomes.

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Working within the Policy Profession

The work can be very varied. We consult with the public and our partners work with internal specialists (such as lawyers and IT teams) to advise Ministers and create good policy. This allows us to develop options and design new legislation, and help communicate and embed new rules. The policy solutions we deliver have to work both as part of our legislation, and as practical changes for the people they affect.

Some policy professionals work in joint policy and technical advisor roles. They have greater involvement in the technical design of new legislation. They also advise colleagues on the most difficult tax questions and support cases through the Taxes Tribunals and Courts.

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Our community of Policy Professionals

As a professional community, we support each other to fulfil our roles to the highest standard. We know that we’re at our best when we can bring varied experiences and ideas into our work, so actively encourage those from a range of backgrounds and careers to join us in the profession.

There is an exciting and varied range of careers within policy in HMRC, all underpinned by a framework detailing the skills you will develop to support you in your career and make a real difference to the UK and its citizens.

We have a comprehensive learning offer for policy professionals, ranging from one-day courses on core skills, internally run courses such as Tax Policy School, policy apprenticeships, and leadership development programmes.

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