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Systems and
Data Auditor

What does the role involve?

As a Systems and Data Auditor, you’ll use your curiosity and investigative skills to provide systems audit and analytical support to Compliance Caseworkers.

By accessing, analysing and understanding customers computerised systems, software and data, you’ll establish audit trails and relate these back to their accounts. This helps with identifying and addressing irregularities or non-compliant behaviour.

You will often be visiting taxpayer premises, this could be at a convenience store, customs warehouse, or landfill site, or wherever their business is based.

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This is a specialist role in tax compliance where you’ll be provided with a fully supported training programme, compromising of an 18 month systems audit routeway and completion of a Quality Assurance Framework (QAF).

Our training focuses on building your skills as a Systems and Data Auditor to understand how businesses work across numerous tax regimes.

The training includes a mix of online learning, face-to-face sessions and mentoring from colleagues. As the training progresses, you’ll begin work on real cases, with support from experienced colleagues.

For the first 12 weeks, you’ll need to work full-time hours, even if you’re a part-time worker, or on any other kind of flexible working arrangement.

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How we work

Our Systems and Data Auditors provide evidence and reports upon which lawful decisions are made regarding the correct amount of tax to collect.  

We’ll train you to understand the legislation, guidance and procedures that you need to do your work professionally. You’ll learn how to work within the governance of GDPR to handle data, establish the facts and make and record fair, lawful and impartial decisions.

This is why it’s important we work in line with the Compliance Professional Standards.

Rianne’s story

Watch Rianne’s video to see what its like to work as a Systems and Data Auditor.

Konrad’s story

Watch this video to find out from Konrad what it’s like working as a Systems and Data Auditor.

“The support which I’ve received has been fantastic, from my team, my manager, and the other trainees from across the country. Everyone is welcoming and happy to help with a real collaborative feel.”


Systems and Data Auditor

Working arrangements

Our Systems and Data Auditors work between 7am and 8pm Monday to Saturday, up to 37 hours each week.

The role involves frequent travel within your region, and occasional travel outside your region, including overnight stays.

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