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Employee benefits

Annual leave

We offer all employees 28.5 days’ paid holiday during each holiday year (pro-rata for part time staff). In addition, you are entitled to take the usual public (bank) holidays in England and Wales, which is currently eight days. This means your total leave is equal to 36.5 days per year.

If you do not take all your annual leave days in a single holiday year, you can also roll-over up to ten days into the next year.


HM Land Registry is covered by the Civil Service pension arrangements, meaning HM Land Registry staff are eligible for the Civil Service ‘alpha’ pension scheme.

As an alpha member you will build up an annual pension and you will get tax relief on the pension contributions you make. Each year, the pension you build up is increased to ensure the value of your contributions keep pace with prices. When you reach retirement age you also benefit from the option to exchange some of your annual pension for a one-off, tax-free, lump sum payment.

Flexible working

Many of our roles except Grade 6, Grade 7, and Senior Civil Service enjoy a flexi-time scheme. This scheme enables you to vary your start, finish, and break times in a way that suits you, subject to operational requirements and business needs.

In addition, you can build up flexi-credit that enables you to accrue and take up to 2 days a month, time in lieu – giving you even more freedom to manage your time in a way that works for you.

Family friendly benefits

We have a wide range of benefits designed to support you to maintain a healthy balance of work and non-work activities. We offer a range of family-friendly policies including part-time working, job sharing, parental leave, career breaks, and a range of leave options for parents.

You can benefit from:
• Maternity leave, shared parental leave, and adoption leave of up to 26 weeks on full pay followed by 13 weeks’ statutory pay, and a further 13 weeks unpaid.
• Paternity leave of up to 14 days’ at full pay.
• Unpaid parental leave of up to 18 weeks for each child in your care under the age of 18.

A photo of a group of people outside in sportswear on a cloudy day. They look happy and excited.

“As well as flexible working, we also have the Employee Volunteering Scheme which allows staff to apply for up to three days’ paid leave per year to undertake a volunteering activity. Working for an employer that encourages community activities allows me to do what I love while not interrupting my day job.”

Maria Gill-Williams

Financial Controller

Health and wellbeing

At HM Land Registry, we care for your well-being both inside and outside of work. You will have access to a 24/7 employee assistance programme that can help you with advice on a host of issues including bereavement, stress management, debt management, and many more. Our intranet also has a wide range of helpful resources to support employees who are experiencing physical or mental health issues or are caring for those who do.

We offer routine health screenings for our staff, to enable them to keep on top of their health and identify any issues early on, where they are most treatable. We also have occupational health specialists who can perform assessments and provide advice and guidance to managers and employees on managing a condition in work.

All these benefits allow our employees to stay healthy, happy, and supported, no matter what.

Mental health at work

In 2020 HM Land Registry signed up to the Mental Health at Work commitment. The Mental Health at Work Commitment, and the standards which underpin it, are a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for employees. It’s a set of actions that any organisation can follow to improve and support the mental health of their people.