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Platforms, Data and Interoperability

“We are working to make joining, collaborating, and moving around the Civil Service more seamless through the introduction of exciting new digital data and AI insight services that complement investments in shared services.”

Mark Thompson

Director, Platforms, Data and Interoperability

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Delivering efficient, secure and continuously improving cross-government services, such as Civil Service Jobs, Civil Service Careers, Civil Service Learning, the Single Operating Platform (SOP) and Workday enterprise resource planning systems, and the Fast Stream Recruitment platform.

The team also supports the customer relationship management system used by the Government Recruitment Service (GRS) and provides system support for One Big Thing.

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Provides objective and high quality data analytics, statistical reporting, performance analysis and operational / social research to support senior leaders to tackle complex problems through the use of data driven decision making.

Delivering end-to-end data and insight services from the development of Government Resources Insight Database (GRID) as a platform, insights are driven by GRID and its connected ecosystem of data sources, which includes the use of Qualtrics for user experience and employee experience (both platforms are utilised across HMG).

This programme is delivering services to enable a flexible, efficient and effective Civil Service, in which we use technology and data to manage our workforce.

The programme consists of four workstreams: Staff Transfers, Government Skills Campus, Central Employee Identifier, and Integration Capability.

Read more about the OneData Programme and it’s four workstreams.

This programme sets out to replace and redesign the existing cross-government recruitment platform (Civil Service Jobs), which presents an exciting opportunity to enable and embed data-driven, user-focused recruitment across the Civil Service.

The programme is also delivering the automation needed to secure the future GRS operating model and workforce plan; including digital identity checking and digital workers to speed up time to hire, improve the user experience and support staff to perform their roles more effectively by reducing duplication.

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We work with partners across the Civil Service to deliver award-winning expert recruitment services, support, advice and policy.

Shared Services Strategy for Government

The Shared Services Strategy for Government was launched in March 2021, with the aim of modernising the back-office of government.