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Working in Digital
at the CMA

Our Digital Markets Unit focuses on some of the most important online markets used by consumers and businesses in the UK, including search, social media, app stores and online marketplaces.

Working in the Digital Markets Unit

Director for the Digital Markets Unit, Cat Batchelor, shares her experiences on what it’s like to work at the CMA.

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Fair competition in digital markets

The largest digital platforms hold a uniquely powerful position – many of us rely on them every day, whether to search, connect with family and friends, to shop or to work. Given the important role these firms play, it is imperative that they do not take advantage of their powerful position to the detriment of consumers. It is vital that the markets in which these firms operate are competitive, so challengers can develop new innovative competing products, and in doing so drive incumbent platforms to ‘up their game’ – all to the benefit of consumers.

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“Right now, the Competition and Markets Authority is a particularly exciting and interesting place to work – and is set to become even more so over the next few years”.

Will Hayter

Senior Director, Digital Markets Unit, CMA

Our Digital Markets Unit

Our Digital Markets Unit is here to promote greater competition and innovation in digital markets, in the interests of consumers. It will oversee the most powerful digital firms – those with Strategic Market Status – setting and enforcing conduct requirements as well as implementing pro-competitive interventions to open up greater opportunities for competition and innovation.

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Help us with this mission

We have a range of opportunities to work in the DMU and help us as we prepare for the new regime. From working on cases like our recent market study into mobile ecosystems, to working with the government on the legislation and policy frameworks that will underpin the new regime, there is no shortage of interesting roles, with clear opportunities to influence the future regulatory landscape for digital markets in the UK, delivering in the wider public interest.

There are great opportunities to learn and develop your career, both through formal study, but also through working with talented colleagues who are generous with their time.

Find out more about our work in digital markets

A Digital Markets Unit (DMU) has been established within the CMA to begin work to operationalise the future pro-competition regime for digital markets.