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Our priorities

Learn about what we do to maintain quality and fairness for students and apprentices taking qualifications in England.

Quality and fairness for students and apprentices

Qualifications need to be of good quality, as fair as they can be and meet the needs of both students and employers. Good qualifications and assessments need validity. They must assess the right thing in the right way to provide accurate results.

Clarity, effectiveness and efficiency in the qualifications market

So those who buy, take, and use qualifications have the information they need. They understand the range of qualifications available to them and get value for money.

Shaping the future of assessment and qualifications

Here, we look at innovation in assessments and qualifications. Innovation can help to improve quality and fairness for students and apprentices. New assessment approaches can also help to strengthen the delivery of qualifications.

Developing Ofqual as an effective, expert regulator and inclusive employer

We want to continue having a diverse workforce. In it, everyone is effective, feels valued, and can become an expert in their field. Our commitment to improving diversity and inclusion is one of the reasons why we’re a great place to work.

Find out more about Ofqual’s priorities in our corporate plan.