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Customer Services
Group business areas

Our Customer Services Group (CSG) is made up of different business areas. Upon joining our Customer Services you’ll be appointed to a specific area. Here is some insight into what to expect for the different parts of CSG.

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Business areas

Benefits and Credits (B&C)

We act as the first point of contact for customers contacting Child Benefit, Tax Credits and Childcare Services. If working in this area, you will be dealing with direct customer contact, processing claims, dealing with general enquires as well as addressing complex queries.  This is carried out via digital platforms, but telephony plays an integral part of our roles.

Business, Tax and Customs (BT&C)

Should you be appointed to BT&C you will be talking with our business customers on any business related problems or tax queries they may have via telephone, webchat or post correspondence. This ranges from corporation tax to inheritance and charity fraud prevention. We also have our Customs teams who are responsible for the customs duties on importing and exporting of goods in and out of the UK.

Debt Management (DM)

The main purpose of DM is recovery of debt owed to the exchequer. If you are appointed to DM your role will be to find solutions for customers owing tax and other liabilities, including interest, enabling them to pay back these debts in a timeframe manageable for the customer and realistic for the exchequer. Where this is not possible you will take the correct action to bring in late returns and payments. To provide the best customer service you will be mainly working on the telephone, learning good negotiation skills to influence all customers to resolve their debts in the timeliest manner.
We are committed to:
Helping customers to comply fully with their payment, declaration and filing obligations
Making early contact with customers who do not comply to help those in difficulty; and
Enforcing payment, declarations and filing from those who refuse to comply.

Personal Tax Operations (PT)

If you are appointed to PT Operations, your role will initially involve talking to and serving customers via telephone and/or webchat in relation to their personal tax matters. Once you’ve built your skills in serving customers via telephone, you will further develop your knowledge by responding to and/or processing customer correspondence. You will then begin serving our customers across a range of platforms based upon customer demand. Personal Tax workloads include, Taxes (PAYE and Self-Assessment), National Insurance or Employer Taxes.
It’s also important to know that although the collection of interest is only mentioned as part of the Debt Management role, there will be other roles in CSG where this will be necessary.

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