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Working for the
Government Economic Service

The Government Economic Service (GES) is one of the Civil Service Professions and is the professional body for economists in the UK Civil Service. We champion economics in government: supporting our economists and promoting the use of high-quality economic analysis in policymaking. We have a large cross-government presence with over 3,500 members.

What we do

Economists can be found working across all areas of the Civil Service, providing economic analysis and insight in support of the entire range of UK Government and public service activities. Supporting policy development, public service delivery, ministerial objectives, or meeting at pace the issues of the day.

Government Economics Service economists are employed by departments. The GES runs centralised recruitment for economists and acts collaboratively as a profession to support its members, their employers, and the GES’ leadership.

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This work includes:

  • promoting good analysis and evidence in government, by maintaining professional standards and a technical framework,
  • championing the use of economics in policy-making,
  • leading the recruitment of new economists into government,
  • providing training opportunities for our economists, including a large annual conference, seminar series throughout the year and centralized training courses
  • supporting the professional development of economists at each stage of their careers.

Our career offer

Working as an economist in the Civil Service, you will be putting your economic learning to direct use by influencing high-profile public policies with the best possible economic analysis.

This is an exciting time to be joining the Civil Service.                                                                

With continuous professional support, you will prepare vital briefings for ministers or the public, provide advice on policy options, and ensure the quality and appropriate use of economic statistics.                                                        

Government departments recruit economists throughout the year on Civil Service Jobs. In addition to this, the GES runs 5 central recruitment schemes.

A photo of Kaitlin Smylie - Apprentice Economist, 2020 Cohort at The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

“Since the start, I have felt like a valued member of my team. My work has been varied and interesting and I have learnt a huge amount in a short period of time.”

Kaitlin Smylie

Apprentice Economist, 2020 Cohort at The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Our routes into the profession

For A-level students

If you are an A-level student you may be interested in the Degree Level Apprenticeship Programme and you can read about the application process here.

For university students

If you are a university student we have options including the Summer Student Scheme and the Sandwich Student Placement Scheme.

For graduates

As a graduate, you may be interested in the Fast Stream Scheme or the  Assistant Economist Scheme and you can see more details here on applying to be an Assistant Economist.

Where could you work?

HM Treasury

HM Revenue and Customs

Office of National Statistics

Home Office

Ministry of Justice