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We embrace modern and flexible ways of working.

You’re a property professional, so often you’ll be on site – overseeing developments, improvements, and the transformation of the public estate.

You’ll benefit from outstanding modern workplaces and the chance to develop a flexible, tailored working pattern which suits your role and your family life.

What is it like working with Government Property?

Aidan McGuffie, Head of Workspace Planning, talks about his experience working within Government Property and the opportunities it has allowed him.

Smarter Working

Joining our Profession means you can work from the best office spaces available. Well designed, activity-based work environments empower our people to work in different ways and in different locations, accessing a variety of settings to support them to deliver a range of tasks.

A person holding a mobile phone, scrolling photos of plants

Our people need to be responsive and adaptable to changing business needs. Smarter working optimises the use of our workplaces and technology to improve productivity through a focus on outputs and enables a better work life balance for all. The Government Workplace Design Guide ensures space is designed to support smarter working, recognising that different work requires different types of space to enable collaboration, creativity and community regardless of how and where people choose to work.

Alex Morley. She is sitting outside at a picnic bench. The sun is shining.

“I’ve developed my career in Civil Service, because it’s a fantastic employer. I’m a woman, with young children and it’s very flexible.”

Alex Morley

Programme Director

We are always looking for talented people. Search Civil Service Jobs for a full list of available roles.

Fit work around your life

Working smarter means giving you the flexibility to choose where you work – based on the activities or tasks you need to complete, and the environment which best supports you. You’re a property professional, so oftentimes you’ll want to be out and about on site and driving workplace improvements. You’ll still be able to work in a hybrid way though, capitalising on our modern workplaces and technology to do your work wherever you are in the country.


We foster a culture that promotes physical and mental health and wellbeing for everyone, and make the management of health and wellbeing part of our daily routine. Joining our Profession gives you access to outstanding and extensive support from the Civil Service to be the best you can be.

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