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The Tax profession within HMRC offers many opportunities throughout the department.

The Tax Profession in HMRC

The tax profession offers you the opportunity to work in a variety of roles across multiple business areas within HMRC. There are approximately 17,500 tax professions in roles ranging from Administrative Assistant to Senior Civil Servants.

Tax Profession Roles in Customer Strategy & Tax Design

We‘re working to build a modern tax administration system – one that:

  • brings in revenue for public services
  • makes it easy to get it right
  • is valued and trusted
  • promotes sustainable economic growth

Our responsibilities include:

  • designing the tax, payments and customs system
  • focusing on customer experience to improve the system
  • using professional expertise and analysis so that HMRC can bring in maximum revenue, make payments, and assure the system’s integrity
  • leading delivery of policy changes and use our expertise to improve design for the future
  • creating opportunities to innovate, collaborate and develop

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