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Photo of a number of HM Land Registry colleagues, in an informal setting. Some are standing and others are sitting on a grey sofa. They appear to be discussing something in a group.

Working in Digital

Digital Careers in HM Land Registry

“Opportunities to develop by working in different teams and technical areas are encouraged. I started off as a network engineer with limited knowledge on IP addresses and subnetting – I developed into an engineer competent in routing protocols and firewall configurations. But what was great was that I was able to develop relationships with others, learning from those people to become a more rounded engineer.”

Richard Horton 

Lead Infrastructure Engineer

About Digital in HMLR

We protect land ownership and provide services and data that underpin an efficient and informed property market. Strategy 2022+ sets out our ambition to provide outstanding, fully digital services for all our customers. Our award-winning technology team is the in-house directorate at the heart of our transformation into a digital, data-driven organisation. 

We are playing a pivotal role in ensuring that we can respond swiftly to our current challenges. We are providing a robust and resilient technical infrastructure to support our workforce. We are enabling our customers to interact with us in increasingly digital and automated ways, and delivering our transformation portfolio which will revolutionise the way that we operate and provide services. 

Digital for the future

Our Digital teams are at the core of our plans for digital transformation for the future. At HM Land Registry we have a vision of a fully connected digital system for buying and selling property that enables a more secure and more efficient land registration process. Our Digital colleagues are at the forefront of this innovation. 

By joining us in a digital role, you can be at the cutting edge of our work to revolutionise the way property and land is transacted in the UK, supporting our vision of a world-leading property market as part of a thriving economy and a sustainable future.

Digital communities

At HM Land Registry, we’re passionate about developing and attracting the best talent. People are at the heart of our plans for the future, so we have established a ’community of practice’ for every profession within our directorate. We now have 15 communities in total, including software development, data science, and product management.  

These communities are groups of talented people performing similar roles who, through regular meetups and online forums, both within HM Land Registry and across wider Government, share best practice, discuss challenges, and support each other – which means happier, more motivated people! 

Government Digital and Data Pay Framework

The Government Digital and Data Pay Framework allows HMLR to offer a competitive package of remuneration to individuals who possess specialist digital skills. It is based on your level of assessed capability in your role, in line with the skills outlined in the Government Digital and Data capability framework. The levels of capability are: Developing, Proficient, and Accomplished. Each level of assessed capability consists of 3 pay points, with progression from min to max guaranteed each year.

The remuneration available under the pay framework consists of: 
– A base salary, aligned with HMLR’s pay grade scales. 
– A non-pensionable specialist allowance determined by the skill level the candidate has been measured to. 
– The length of time spent in the role. 

This enables individuals in nominated Group 1 roles to earn a highly competitive skills supplement on top of their base salary. More information about the Government Digital and Data Pay Framework is included in the job advert and candidate pack for eligible roles on Civil Service Jobs

Learning from the best

At HM Land Registry our technology partners include AWS, Cognizant, Dell, Microsoft and IBM – to name just a few. By joining us you will have the opportunity to work with and learn about some of the best technology in the world, delivering cutting-edge services at a scale few others get to experience.  

Digital and our strategy

To find out more about our ambitious plans for a digital, data-enabled property market of the future and to see what you could be a part of, read our Strategy 2022+