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Policy at Defra

Shape the policies that are shaping life

Policy sits across the entire Defra Group. Whichever area you join, you will play an active part in developing and delivering our priorities.

The Policy Profession designs, develops and proposes appropriate courses of action to help meet key government priorities and ministerial objectives.

We support ministers to shape and deliver policy that delivers the government’s objectives. We do this by bringing together a wide range of people and evidence to design, test and deliver solutions to often complex policy problems.

While it is not essential that you are already working in policy, what is important is your commitment to a better future. Whatever your experience, you must be passionate about making the UK a great place to live.

We are looking for people with a specific interest in farming and food from land or sea, or the countryside, rural communities and the environment. Any policies you influence at Defra could be life-changing for the UK, and they may very well be career-defining for you.