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Iqra Mughal
Risk Analyst
HM Treasury

I have recently transitioned into the Government Risk Profession, joining as a Risk Analyst in August 2023. Before this, I was a Secondary school Maths Teacher in Bedfordshire. I have a passion for problem-solving and a knack for analytical thinking, so wanted a new challenge that aligned closely with my skills and interests. My move to the Civil Service marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my career. My teaching background has equipped me with strong communication and organisational skills, which I have found to be highly transferable and valuable in the risk profession.

I am both pleased and privileged to be involved in work that benefits the whole of the UK.

Since joining the profession, I have focussed on analysing and improving how risk management information is collated and used across government. This includes leading a study into the use of risk information systems within the main ministerial departments. Through the process it has been really interesting to  learn more about the intricacies of government risk management practices and governance arrangements. My passion for risk management continues to grow as I mature into my role, and I would highly recommend the risk profession to anyone who feels they have relevant transferable skills and who would like to make a difference in this area.