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Science and Engineering
at Defra

Provide the evidence for real change

Scientists and Engineers in Defra group use their knowledge and specialist skills to support and advise on key policy and operational issues, and communicate complex science and analysis. 

They are skilled in translating science into the evidence-based advice to support the development of policy. They apply science and engineering knowledge from a wide range of subject specialisms to understand problems and develop policy solutions and robust strategies.

In Core Defra, Scientists and Engineers are embedded in policy teams, working alongside colleagues from the other analytical professions, policy specialists, and professionals from HR, Finance, Information Management and Digital. This approach means that evidence is integrated into the policy process, and allows a strong working relationship between evidence and policy specialists.

Across the Defra Group, there are around 5,700 Scientists and Engineers representing a huge range of specialisms and knowledge including:

  • epidemiologists
  • grassland specialists
  • marine scientists
  • geographers
  • biologists
  • data specialists
  • chemists
  • flood defence engineers
Engineer working using laptop