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Delivery at Defra

Make a real difference to people’s lives

Operational Delivery professionals work in diverse roles that deliver services to the public, or support those who do; whether that’s through contact centres, face-to-face roles, compliance, or any one of the other jobs where we are the public face of public service.

The work makes a real difference to people’s lives, and turns government policies, strategies and plans into reality.

If you join us as an Operational Delivery Professional, there are six main areas of work you could be involved in:

Leadership and Management

You deliver your organisation’s vision and develop your people to have the right skills to deliver excellent customer service

Help and Advice

You help people understand and navigate services, ensuring they receive the right outcome at the right time

Case Ownership

You work collaboratively to consider applications, make fair decisions and progress cases, providing support to people

Safety and Enforcement

You ensure public safety, tackle criminal activity, carry out interventions and apply sanctions on people and organisations that break the rules or put the public at risk

Validation and Compliance

You verify whether people are credible against a legal standard, ensure they comply with the rules, pay what they owe on time, and receive what they are entitled to

Operational Design and Support

You ensure your colleagues have what they require to do their jobs, promoting standards and making sure our products and services meet people’s needs, ensuring understanding of the customer journey