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Customs Officers


“This role has given me the opportunity to work with customs, which affects the UK economy and has given me an insight into intelligence-led response for HMRC. What I enjoy most about the role is the constant opportunity for development. I also enjoy the amount of variety in the work that I do as no two days are ever the same.”


“The thing I enjoy the most about this job is the range of tasks that I complete throughout the day. There’s a wide variety of things that need to be done during customs checks, so the work never gets boring.”


“I enjoy the variation of the role, with different goods to be checked, as well as other tasks throughout the day. The working environment in the warehouse has enabled me to build strong relationships between not only my HMRC colleagues but Border Force as well.”

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Front Line Compliance Managers


"While working elsewhere in HMRC I spotted the advert for the Front Line Manager role and saw it as an opportunity for me to progress my career in compliance.

Talking to colleagues who had recently moved into compliance roles gave me an understanding that it was a challenging and fast-moving environment, which provided varied and interesting work. These were all valid points made by my colleagues and contributed towards my overall attraction to this role.

My daily duties involve supporting my team with a variety of tasks including pulling daily reports, monitoring performance against our targets, monitoring risks and working with the team to improve outputs where required. I also support my team with training and development.

My manager has been a pillar of support, helping me develop and settle in my new role. I work closely with them to discuss performance and the direction of the work that my team complete. I also support my team with training and development.

The training has been great from the start. I’ve been able to learn a large part of my role using online learning, which has then been complemented with on-the-job learning and shadowing colleagues.

My role in compliance has given me a new lease of life. Whilst the past 12 months have been challenging outside of work, I am blessed to have worked with such wonderful people who inspire me to work above and beyond supporting my team and my leaders within compliance."

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Compliance Caseworkers


“The learning has had a lot of variety; case studies, group sessions, casework, tax academy and e-learning. It has felt directed and specific to our area of work.”


“During training the introduction of case study sessions which walk you through each stage of a typical tax enquiry have been fantastic. These sessions have combined a teaching, group discussions and individual activities with the opportunity to ask questions to experienced colleagues”.

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I strongly feel HMRC is leading the way in creating an inclusive environment where everyone has a place. I moved to HMRC a year ago and have never looked back.

Jennifer Front Line Compliance Manager

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